• Welcome!

    If you are here, you probably got me as a match for a Secret Santa exchange, such as redditgifts or Metafilter's Secret Quonsar. Or maybe you're feeling generous and want to get me something. That's cool!


    Here I will list out my likes and dislikes in more detail, and also give you some wishlists and online profiles for you to check out. That way you have just enough information about me to figure out what a good gift would be!


    I made this in 2014 after participating in a pile of Secret Santas and noticing that they tend to ask for the same information over and over. Feel free to use the navigation above to jump around - you don't have to read every last letter of this.


    Feel free to contact me via the Secret Santa's contact features if you need further clarification! And thank you so much for participating! I hope the gift you receive will be just as awesome if not more.


    <3 Creatrix Tiara

  • tl;dr

    Postage Notes

    Australia has a pretty reliable postal system, though shipping can be pricey from overseas and the quarantine laws are pretty strict. I'm totally fine with stuff being delivered directly from the vendor (inc Amazon/Book Depository, small time Etsy shops, and all in between). Also feel free to buy from Australian retailers, such as local bookstores or local merchants - they may have what you're after for much cheaper shipping since it'd be local postage. Digital's all good too!

    Quick Gift Ideas

    Lumberjanes, Archie 2015, Afterlife with Archie, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, stuff for my altar, virtual/online-based stuff, aerogrammes, planner stickers, books (print or digital), graphic novels, magazines & zines, music (digital), custom art, temporary tattoos, tarot cards, anything glittery or sparkly, bats/platypus/cat-themed items, fun kits, costumey/theatrical things, good games/apps for Mac OS X, anything Darren Hayes/Harry Potter/Homestuck/Steven Universe/Aqua-related, tickets to events/conferences/conventions, spa time

    Key Likes & Dislikes


    Darren Hayes, Harry Potter, Aqua, Homestuck, Steven Universe, books, zines, technology, music, arts & performance, salty+sweet combo flavours, purples/reds/blacks, glittery, witchy-woo, bats, platypus, cats, the Internet, social activism, travel, feminism, queer culture, supporting indie artists, spas, mail, aerogrammes



    CDs/DVDs (no player), stuff that needs a bathtub (don't have one), licorice, berries, stone fruit, anything generic-feminine or generic-masculine, anything racist/sexist/homophobic/body-shaming/etc, skin lightening/Fair and Lovely-esque products, zombies, anything particularly gory or horrific, needles/piercings (phobia!), insects

    Current Life Events Worth Noting

    1. I recently relocated to Melbourne, Australia! Looking for things to do, people to meet, jobs and opportunities and such, so if you have any suggestions that way that'd be useful. I live by myself in a 1-bedroom, which means I have relative freedom, though the lease doesn't allow me to stick stuff up to the wall. But any sort of housewarming-style gift is lovely.


    2. I've really gotten into comics lately - but really specific ones. I'm really into The Wicked + The Divine (I'm mostly caught up), and am also after the 2015 Archie series & spinoffs, Afterlife with Archie / Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and Lumberjanes. I'm also into The Sandman (of The Endless), Fables, and Unwritten, and I'm curious about Phonogram, the Kamala Khan run of Ms Marvel, and Gwenpool.


    3. I'm scared for my friends, family, and partner in the US. I don't know how that translates into presents, unless you can check in on my people for me. Or get them all to where I am.

  • and now, the fun stuff! 

  • About Me

    Name: Creatrix Tiara (you can call me Tiara)


    Age and Birthdate: 31, 09/26/1985


    Current Location: Melbourne, Australia


    Gender/Sexuality: Queer possibly-genderqueer woman


    Ethnicity: South/South-East Asian, but that barely tells you anything about me


    Relationship Status: In A Relationship with a lovely person in Chicago who I miss dearly


    Pets and Dependents: None

    Things I Do

    Profession: Looking for work in arts, media, education, tech, social justice, community cultural development, games. Occasionally I write freelance.


    Currently: Settling into Melbourne and looking for work & other thing to do, while also possibly freaking out about what my loved ones are facing in the US


    Things I Like To Do: Live performance (performance art, burlesque, acting, singing, spoken word, slam poetry, dance, circus, physical theater, improv, karaoke, just about anything really), making media (Web, radio, TV, print), writing, INTERNETS FOREVER, volunteering, events and stage management, dabbling in various artistic forms, travel (esp on planes and/or internationally), squeeing over cute animals, reading everything in sight, eating delicious food from everywhere, event-style games ala Real Escape Games, German Wheel


    Things I Never Quite Do Enough Of But Should: More circus arts, more singing, long-distance train travel, making my own games and web projects beyond writing blogs, cooking/baking, those epic scavenger puzzle hunts with complicated clues, stage magic, witchy woo


    Liminality (the state of in-between), intersectionality, identity, magic (stage and witchy woo), media, community-building, interdisciplinary arts, sexuality, gender, feminism, anti-racism, LGBTQ issues, travel, intercultural communication, game design, creative technology, the Internet, fandom culture, glitter, creativity, social justice, alternative education, puzzles, live performance, awesomeness

    Bucket List

    * Record an album

    * Go on tour for some creative/artistic purpose

    * Publish a book or a graphic novel

    * Learn hang-gliding or some other flying sport

    * Take flamenco lessons

    * Participate in a epic treasure hunt

    * Meet Oprah and thank her for educating my mother about LGBT issues

    * Get far enough into a TV reality talent show

    * Have a role in a feature film or significant TV show 

    * Have fanworks made based on something I've written or starred as

    * Direct an immersive art experience (inc designing a Real Escape Game of some fashion)

    * Create my own perfume

    * Visit every world region at least once (missing Central Asia, South America, East Europe, Central America, all of Africa, Polynesia, Poles)

    * Be able to vote properly

    * Travel to outer space

    * Find out if I really do have a long-lost twin sister

    * Make a music video

    * Make a mashup

    * Be in some sort of Top 20/50/100/etc List

  • Arts & Media

    Books and Print

    I AM SUCH A VORACIOUS READER OM NOM NOM honestly i would read just about anything


    Authors: J.K. Rowling, Phillip Pullman, Jostein Gaarder, Roald Dahl, Diana Wynne Jones, Neil Gaiman, Seanan Mcguire, Jasper Fforde, Scott Westerfeld, Mark Dunn, SARK, Bhanu Kapil, Marissa Mayer


    Comics: The Wicked + The Divine, Archie 2015, Life with Archie, Lumberjanes, Afterlife with Archie, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Fables, Unwritten, Sandman (the Endless variety). Curious about Phonogram, Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan edition), Gwenpull.


    Genres: YA, creative non-fiction, magical realism, reimagined fairy tales, queer lit, #WeNeedDiverseBooks, modern-day sci-fi, witchy woo, feminist, social change, artsy, fiction that incorporates a puzzle element, society & culture, anti-racism, tech/digital, creative entrepreneurship, pop psychology, choose-your-own-adventure


    Magazines: GOOD, Dumbo Feather, Bust, Bitch, frankie, yen. Collective Hub looks promising.


    Zines: I have a fluctuating zine collection! I tend to collect informative/how-to or activity zines more than perzines or fanzines, but I’m open to all sorts of zines about anything!


    Mail: I LOVE mail. All the mail. I'm especially a big fan of aerogrammes.




    Websites: Autostraddle, Metafilter, Luna Luna, Broadly, The Establishment


    Webcomics: Homestuck (and a zillion fanventures), XKCD, Nimona, Questionable Content, Girls with Slingshots, Something Positive, Dinosaur Comics, Hyperbole & A Half, Dumbing of Age


    YouTube: CoLabHQ/Voxus, vlogbrothers, Kinda TV, CGP Grey, Vi Hart, Feminist Frequency, The Art Assignment, PBS Idea Channel, Glam Planner, How To Cake It


    TV: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls to some degree (I follow it but am not majorly into the fandom). I'm a big fan of anything Asha Gill got involved in (Channel [V], The Weakest Link Singapore, Lonely Planet Six Degrees).


    Movies: The movies I watch tend to be based on books or other media already (e.g. Harry Potter, Hunger Games) or fun musical ones (Pitch Perfect). My most recent favourite would be Maleficent and I have a soft spot for Care Bears.



    Bands: Darren Hayes, Savage Garden, We Are Smug, Aqua, Lene Nystrom, Homestuck OST, Weird Al Yankovic, Joan Jett, Jem, Garbage, Pentatonix, Andrew Huang/Songs To Wear Pants To, ratatat


    Genres: Mashups, rock-pop, electro-pop, unusual takes on covers, chiptune covers, rockin' leading ladies with contralto voices (e.g. Joan Jett, Shirley Manson, Pat Benatar), ambient, parodies, dark cabaret, disco

    Other Arts

    Visual Art: I don't have any specific favourite artists, but I do like art that touches on the same themes as my general interests or tastes in media. I do sometimes collect portraits of myself, especially in unusual or cartoony styles!


    Games: Machine of Death, Cranium, Munchkin, Psychonauts, Myst, The Sims, Glitch (RIP), Costume Quest


    Things I Want To Learn: Games-making (digital and IRL), digital art, pottery, jewelry-making, costuming/cosplay, theatrical makeup, short video/filmmaking, synth music, DJing, adult ballet

  • Fandoms

    The Wicked + The Divine

    Favourite Character: Tara by fucking far


    Favourite Issue: The one where Tara gets to say her side of the story (#13)

    Steven Universe

    Favourite Character: PERIDOT <3 also Amethyst


    Gemsona: Moissanite


    Classpect: Sylph of Heart, with Witch and Mind/Light tendencies.


    Dream Planet: Derse


    Favourite Characters: I am essentially Porrim Maryam in all but hair and possibly like Davepetasprite^2. I also love Kanaya Maryam, Terezi Pyrope, Nepeta Leijon


    Cosplay: Recently did Sun-Sari Rose. I would also like to do Mind-Sari Terezi or Kebaya Kanaya.

    Harry Potter

    House: Slytherin/Ravenclaw with a touch of Hufflepuff


    Favourite Book: Order of the Phoenix


    Favourite Movie: Prisoner of Azkaban


    Favourite Characters: Hermione Granger, Patil twins, Ron Weasley,

    really the whole worldbuilding of wizarding society more than anyone in particular


    Cosplay: I've never really cosplayed HP but I'd like to do Hermione Granger as Witch of Light

    Darren Hayes / Savage Garden / We Are Smug

    Favourite Album: The Tension and The Spark


    Favourite Songs: I Like The Way, To The Moon and Back, Hot Tub Blues, Where You Wanted To Be, Creepin' Up on You, Sing to Me, Timebomb, urgh there's too many to list and most of them are obscure b-sides


    Favourite Member: Lene Nystrom-Rasted (her lone solo album Play With Me is underrated kick-ass)


    Favourite Songs: My Mama SaidRoses are RedLollipop (Candyman), most things from Play With Me

  • Foods & Flavours


    Flavours & Cuisines: Salty + sweet combined, savoury/umami, meaty, smoky, spicy (wasabi, mustard, peppery, chili), rose, unusual flavour pairings, Malaysian/Singaporean, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, fusion, molecular gastronomy, hot breakfasts


    Savoury: Most nuts, heavily buttered popcorn, pretzels, jerky, Twisties, thin-cut potato chips, hash browns, eggs, dried seaweed, kale chips, cheese (esp havarti and mozarella), biscuits (the American variety) - despite the smaller section I actually prefer savoury to sweet


    Sweets: Dark chocolate, Buttered Popcorn Jelly Babies, candy corn, most other chocolate really so long as it's not super sweet, Malay kuih, chocolate chip cookie dough icecream, cookie dough in general, smores, cinnamon rolls, apple pie, most pies, muffins, waffles, Wafflecrisp/Honey Bunches of Oats/Reeses cereal


    Fruits & Veg: Melons (esp honeydew), durian, rambutan, mata kucing, persimmons, mushrooms, kangkung, broccoli, asparagus, beans, bananas. I'm not particularly picky but I do have my favourites


    Meaty Things: I'm pretty adventurous with meat. I LOVE seafood (any sort!), especially sashimi, and am fond of lamb and goat meat, also offal. The weirder the better.


    Drinks: Hot chocolate (esp w tiny marshmallows), mocha, teh tarik, all sorts of milk (cow, goat, soy, almond, etc), cream, most teas (esp black, green, chai), coffee, baked-goods-like or unusual cocktails, absinthe, bourbon, hot toddies, champange, honey wheat beer, stouts


    YUCK / MEH

    * Liquorice and anything anise-y (except for absinthe, oddly)

    * Fruity flavours in anything that isn't actually fruit (e.g. teas, baked goods, candy) - EXCEPT apple pie, that is the bomb

    * Strawberries and most other berries

    * Cherries, peaches, plums, apricots, other stone fruit

    * Sour stuff, especially sour candy

    * Gummies

    * Hard candy/lollipops/anything that is 99% sugar

    * Natto and most other fermented stuff

    * Celery

    * Arugula/rocket

    * Chocolate with nuts or fruits in them

    * Raisins and sultanas

    * Pumpkin spice anything

    * IPA beer

    * Bittergourd, collard greens, any other bitter veges

    * Tomatoes unless it's in soup or cherry tomatoes

    * Fennel seed

  • Technology

    What I Have

    * Macbook Pro (OS X El Capitan) - no CD/DVD drive

    * iPhone 5s

    * Android tablet (ASUS TG3000) (which I barely use)

    * iPod 4/5 (which I barely use)

    * Kindle Paperwhite

    * External hard drive

    * Steam account

    * Blue Snowball mic

    * OK quality drawing tablet

    What Would Be Nice To Have


    * Large-capacity portable power bank

    * A good camera (e.g. GoPro)

    * Tech kits (e.g. science kits, Arduino starter kits)

    * Better quality drawing tablet



    * The Sims - whichever version works on a Mac

    * Good graphics design software

    * Suggestions for good artsy/media software to use with a Mac!

    * Games that are some combo adventure/puzzler, like Myst or Psychonauts

  • Clothing, Accessories, Body


    Tops: Sleeveless or short sleeves, T-shirts with clever prints or designs on them, V-necks, wrap-arounds, dress shirts, anything that could also double as lingerie or clubwear


    Bottoms: Hot pants/short shorts, A-line skirts, skinny jeans, skirts that fall anywhere between booty and knees, low-rises


    Dresses: A-line, stuff that billows when you spin, V-necks, wraparounds, suit-style dresses, tea/cocktail dresses


    Other Clothing: Suits, blazers, trenchcoats, catsuits, bomber jackets, cardigans, leggings, jeggings, lenghas


    Accessories: WINGS WINGS WINGS. Fascinators (those fancy hairclips with flowers or feathers in them), anything fun to put on your head, bindis (stickerkind and jewelkind), claw rings (those rings that have giant nails or claws attached to them), rockstar-like belts, tiaras


    Shoes: Boots, sneaker-like shoes

    Perfume, Makeup, Body


    Most importantly, drugstore/cheap stuff tends to make me break out in hives, but homemade/Etsy, indies, and brands like Lush and Body Shop work fine on me. NOT Burt's Bees on body.


    Perfume: Animalistic, musky, rose, incense-y, smoky, dark, gothic, unusual smells, baked goods/edibles, tea/coffee/hot choc


    Types of Makeup: Eyeshadow, eyeliner, body & face glitters, hair-based accessories/makeup, mascara, flavoured lipbalm, lipstick in particular colours (blood red/crimson, black, deep jewel tones)


    Bath and Body: Baked goods/edibles (not the weed sort), musk, rose, honey, sparkly, shower gels, body butters, scrubs, henna, temporary tattoos

    Sizes, Styles, Brands


    Generally: M / 10-12 US / 12-14 Aus

    Body Shape: Average leaning curvy, busty, near hourglass

    Height: 5'5" (163.5cm)

    Shoe Size: 9 - 10 Wide



    Aesthetic: Rockstar Domme, gothy, burlesque, sparkly, smart casual, hard femme, tomboy femme/slightly soft butch, geek

    Colours: Medium-to-deep purples, blood red/crimson, black, white, medium-to-dark blues, jewel tones (though I am not exclusively attached to those colours)

    Patterns: Clever wordplay or imagery, stripes, stars, rainbows, hearts, cats, abstract art, roses, henna-ish

    Fabric: Velvet, very fuzzy



    I don't normally care about brands, esp since I get a lot of my stuff second-hand/thrifted, from indie/artisanal designers, or from friends and associates - but this could be useful for starting points (esp w allergies)


    Clothing: Betsey Johnson, Zara, H&M, Threadless

    Perfume: BPAL

    Makeup: MAC

    Bath & Body: Lush, Body Shop

    Things I Don't (Usually) Wear

    Clothing: Long sleeves unless they're part of a nicely pressed dress shirt, pencil skirts or any similarly-hugging skirts, turtlenecks, anything very conservative/stodgy, halter tops, square tops, strapless, high necklines, column dresses (or any dress with no curve), maxi skirts, corsets, ruffles on anything


    Accessories: I'm generally not a big jewelry person; I rarely wear it unless it helps with a costume or it's meaningful/sentimental. Especially earrings (unless suitable for unpierced ears), most rings, anklets, most necklaces, bangles/bracelets/wrist stuff, watches, sunglasses


    Shoes: High heels, stilettos, anything without ankle support


    Bath and Body: Anything that needs a bathtub (since I don't have one), drugstore stuff, Burt's Bees, anything fruity/citrusy/overly floral


    Aesthetic: Generic Straight Girl, soft femme, rockabilly, super girly, super butch/masculine, dapper, polka dots, skulls, plaid


    Colours: Greens, yellows, oranges (though I wouldn't mind them if they were part of a larger piece), browns

  • Style Icons

    Joan Jett

    Regina Mills

    Freddie Mercury


    Weakest Link Hosts 


  • Various Miscellany


    Colours: Reds (esp blood red/deep red), deep purples, black, jewel tones, gold


    Animals: Bats, platypus, cats, anything cute and fluffy (esp FLUFFY)


    Witchy-Woo-related: Technopaganism, pop culture magic, tarot cards & similar (esp artsy/avant garde/postmodern interpretations), Kali, Kwan Yin, incense, magical oils, magical jewelry, divination readings, witches, faeries


    Shapes/Patterns: Stars, rainbows, hearts, cartoony bats/platypus/cats, clever puns, roses, passport stamps


    Experiences: Immersive performance art (esp with audience participation), Real Escape Games, international travel, creative geeky social-change conferences and conventions, spa treatments, co-creating something awesome with a great group of people, going on tour, drawn-out multi-course dinners, all-you-can-eat buffets, drumming circles


    Subscription Services: I LOVE getting things in the mail - one time my PO Box provider accused me of buying things online just so I could send myself mail, and it took me a while to admit that he was right. I haven't signed up to a lot of subscription services but I would like to - especially ones for food, art and creative stuff, or anything really unusual.

    Pie In The Sky (If You're Feeling Generous)

    * Flights FROM the US to Australia just so my loved ones can be safe

    * A recording session for an EP or album (esp with Darren Hayes in tow)
    * A road-trip/tour with a crew of creative artsy activitsy folk
    * Entry in an epic treasure hunt (e.g. the MIT Puzzle Hunt)
    * A role in a movie, TV show, stage play, musical, or video game
    * Convention tickets
    * Unlimited travel
    * First-class/airport lounge passes
    * Specific items for cosplay (contact me for details)
    * A custom-made tiara
    * A personalised portrait or song
    * Art for my graphic-novel-in-progress
    * A zillion dollars
    * A massive Amazon giftcard
    * Hang-gliding lessons
    * A custom catsuit
    * A personal stylist that understands rockstar-style
    * Custom-made perfume
    * Visa-free travel

    * Epic spa days/weekends

    * Subscriptions, all of them

  • Charities I Support

    My second home in the Bay Area, host to the core of sex-positive culture in the world and run by two of my Fairy Godparents (Carol Queen and Robert Lawrence).

    Home of Yoni Ki Baat, an incredible theater production by and about South Asian women that I've had the privilege of being a part of for four years now.

    National Novel Writing Month, which I have participated in on and off for the last 11 years.

    Highly committed to human rights worldwide. I used to be a volunteer at their KL branch.

    They were a massive help for me as a lonely, depressed, isolated teenager.

    When they were Queensland Association for Healthy Communities, their Lesbian Health Action Group was really key in me finding queer community in Australia.

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